MEGA trailer

Truck tractor + 13.6 m road-railer, 34 euro pallets up to 24 tons load capacity – 100m3 – tarpaulin



JUMBO trailer

7.7m road train + 7.7m trailer, 38 euro pallets up to 22.5 t load capacity – 120 m3 – tarpaulin



Container CHASSIS

containers transport services: 20ft, 2x20 ft,40 ft,45ft



All our trucks have PN EN 12642 XL Code certificate (safe load), as well as Safety lock system for securing load. For the pice of mind of our customers every load insured for 600.000 EUR. (1,2 million EUR cabotage insurance)


For the highest quality of our services every year our fleet is updated, and every three years vehicles are replaced.

In order to provide high quality of services our fleet has been equipped with modern communication and telematic devices. This enables us to be in contact with drivers and it has improved overall monitoring process.


All vehicles in our fleet conform with Euro 6 standard concerning fumes emission.