KROLL LOGISTICS is created by its employees- professional,experienced,and full of enthusiasm

We particularly value individual abilities and involvement.
As our business is being constantly expanded we gradually extend our team and plan individual paths of development.

High professionalism of our employees is connected to 100 percent customers satisfaction.

We value positive atmosphere at work, therefore we search for people that could help us maintain it.We look for talented people that are able to work in a team and keep good relations with work colleagues. Our employees share one common passion-transport

We offer good working conditions for our drivers. Our fleet is maintained in line with the latest technological advancements. This is why we can provide good working conditions with high safety standards. We also offer private medical health insurance for our drivers and their families.

We are ready for new people to join our team. People who can help us develop within field of forwarding. We also offer placement programmes for students


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